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A static page, with a dynamic realtime backend

Serverless Pre-Rendering

This is an example landing page whose content is stored and edited via a dynamic backend. Yet all responses are instant, served from our edge cache.

When you refresh this page, it feels like it's a static website.

Static meets Dynamic

Statically generated websites are fast, but they take a long time to build, are hard to iterate on, and don't scale beyond a few pages.

Serverless Pre-Rendering ensures:

  • Instant page loads 🔥. No matter how fast or slow your backend or datasources
  • Fault tolerance. By default, backend errors don't invalidate the pre-generated copy
  • Realtime updates. Updates can be triggered as frequently as every second. Say goodbye to slow page rebuilds!
  • Cost effectiveness. We only issue one request to your backend functions, while serving it millions of times a second.
  • Great for SEO. Solutions involving client-heavy stacks delay Google's crawling by up to two weeks. Serverless pre-rendering fixes that.


The benefits of serverless pre-rendering impact your ability to iterate on content, by leveraging databases and headless CMS solutions. They make your business and your page loads run faster.

  • Marketing pages. Such as the pages explaining a new product or service.
  • E-commerce websites. With lots of items, categories, user reviews, etc.
  • Blogs and Newspapers. With multiple users editing stories in realtime and breaking news.
  • High-traffic APIs. Where computation is debounced in order to minimize load.
  • Mission-critical dashboards. Where lots of dynamic is consumed by many users.

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